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is the artistic cosmos of choreographer NANNA HANFGARN JENSEN

and director-dramaturg NADJA MATTIOLI.

With Beyond Darkness, we create highly sensorial and experiential realms through performances and installations. We view our works as ecosystems in which new human and beyond-human perspectives are explored by removing or enhancing one or more of our senses and creating at the verge of fantasy and reality.


We work with elements such as complete darkness, hypersensitivity, haptic sounds, imagined landscapes and multispecies collaborations. Our artistic works are inherently collaborative and cross-aesthetic. Our collaborators range from dancers to sound artists, from video artists to scientists, and everyone who have an interest in experimental and experiential artistic practice and a curiosity to look at the world from new perspectives.

Our works aim to inspire new thinking about and being in possible futures, and nurturing symbiotic (artistic) relationships with other-than-human beings, materials and objects. By embracing the sensorial and the unknown, we weave together aesthetic, ecological and transformative universes and make visible stories and lives beyond the normative human context.

a face made up of 2 different faces

Nanna and Nadja have given workshops based on their practice Matter in Motion centering darkness and the sensorial to students in theatre and dance at Copenhagen University and The Danish National School of Performing Arts. They have also given several lectures about their practice to the dance students at ArteEZ Institute of Arts as well as to the theatre students at UCPH in their course Complex Dramaturgies, focusing on their eco-centric approach to creating performances and working within cross-species collaborations, notably fungi. Furthermore, they have given several classes as guest artists for Dansehallerne’s morning training to professional dancers based in Copenhagen.

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