Beyond Darkness was established in 2019 by Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Nadja Mattioli. Our shared interest in movement, darkness, the senses, the imagination and ecology entangled us in a journey of artistic research through which the BD universe started to emerge and unfold.

Nanna is a performance artist, choreographer and collaborator with a fundamental interest in challenging the notion of the body, movement and choreography. She is interested in developing collective working methods, creating ambiguous characters and experiential movement metamorphoses in the dark.
Nadja is a performance artist, researcher and social activist with a strong interest in movement, the senses and rhizomatic relationships. She is mostly inspired by the interconnection of the micro and the macro and the liminal spaces that allow for transformation to take place. Her practice is influenced by ritualistic investigations as well as the fields of psychology, anthropology and mythology. Her works are often moulds of former and future worlds, lives and experiences, intertwining diverse bodies, minds and spaces.

a face made up of 2 different faces

The Beyond Darkness universe is composed of 3 major elements:

· MATTER IN MOTION - a sensorial movement practice

· The BD IMAGINARIUM - creative explorations and artistic projects

· The BD DIALOGUES - a podcast about artistic practice and research


All our works are inherently collaborative and centred around darkness, the senses and the imagination. Our collaborators are artists of various creative and cultural backgrounds who have an interest in experimental and experiential artistic practice, learning from each other, inspiring each other, and interweaving material into common works.


At the root of our artistic investigations lie curiosity, collectivity and care. While we strive to create poetic and aesthetic realms of experiences, our works also intend to elicit change by challenging the perception and preconceptions of our participants, collaborators, audiences and ourselves.