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A digital installation based on the live performance.

Presented at THE LIVING MANIFESTO festival 2022

Swept across thick air.

One of many.

No destination.

Just following.


Growing pressure.


A cold embrace.

A quivering body.





Heaviness. Calming softness. Slowing down.

Entirely swallowed. Inside.

Stunted movements. Streaming thickness.

Roughness to softness.



Recoiling into solitude.


Traces of fluid gush into the void of oblivion

Sinking eternally

Yielding to the force of time



Sparkles flare out from the dark

Deep down below

Yearning to disseminate

A proliferation of incandescence

Blazing swirls of cindering debris

Whispering hisses nearby

Converging into screaming matter

Conceptualised by Beyond Darkness

Performed by Cecilie Schyth Kjær

Videography by Signe Emma

Sound art by Eliza Bożek

Light design by Eirik Lie Hegre

Costume design by Cecilie Schou Grønbeck

Text & dramaturgy by Nadja Mattioli

Choreography by Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen

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