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With SCINTILLAE we invite you into a world of unknowns,

wondrous images of movement and a collective mythical story.

SCINTILLAE is a cross-aesthetic and experimental performance which explores nuances of darkness, hyper-sensitivity and our inherent potential for imagination. By interweaving movement, text, light, sounds and textures, the performance entangles you into a dream-like experience,


Taking you on an unpredictable journey of living cells and organisms. Morphing. Merging. Changing. Visiting potential utopias and dystopias. Exploring the realms of birth, death and rebirth. Reality and fantasy. The Self and Other. Imagination. Change.

As it unfolds in darkness, SCINTILLAE is a holistic experience for the mind and body. Allowing yourself to surrender to the dark, and thus making way for new sensorial connections and for unexpected sensorial thoughts and visions,
you will be able to explore the depths of your perception and imagination.


"We create for and with the senses because they stimulate the imagination and allow for an unfurling of individual stories within a collective space. Choosing to centre our work around imagination is important, as we believe that in order to evoke change, we first need to be able to imagine: imagine new ways of being, new ways of acting, new ways of perceiving - ourselves, each other and the world around us."

SCINTILLAE was created in 2021 with a small pre-premiere sharing during the pandemic for an intimate audience setting. It finally got to premiere in October 2022 at Basement in Copenhagen and at Teater Momentum in Odense.

Read more about SCINTILLAE through the eyes of Karin Hald here

Conceptualised by Beyond Darkness

Performed by Cecilie Schyth Kjær

Sound Art by Eliza Bożek

Light Design by Eirik Lie Hegre

Costume Design by Cecilie Schou Grønbeck

Text & Dramaturgy by Nadja Mattioli

Choreography by Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen

Trailer by Jacob Schill and Malik Grosos

Photos by Palle Schultz

Consulted by Solveig Gade and Rasmus Ölme

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune,

Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Knudhøjgaardsfond 

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