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is a podcast about artistic practice and artistic research,

hosted by Nanna and Nadja

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We want to share our conversations with performers, artists and practitioners who are inspiring us during our creative BD investigations. We believe that it is important to provide more accessible sources about artistic practices as well as encourage artists to share their ideas, questions and findings with each other.

We release new episodes once a month, usually around the 15th, and the dialogues are between 1 to 1,5 hours long. Listen to our conversations here:

Our first season dialogue partners are:
Thomas Eisenhardt, choreographer and artistic director of Aaben Dans
Anouk van Dijk, choreographer and founder of countertechnique

Annika Kompart, dancer and choreographer

Michael Breiner, light designer and teacher

Melissa Ugolini, dancer and movement artist


"What we want to offer our listeners is open access to our conversations with artists and scientists who inspire our research, our practice, our art. With The Beyond Darkness Dialogues we want to create a platform for knowledge-exchange within the performing arts, a peek behind the scenes of our work, as well as inspire others to be curious about the research and discoveries within our field. We also hope that our dialogues will help connect more artists with each other to join themselves in conversation and collaborations."

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