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Pre-premiere with CPH Stage on the 10th and 11th June 2022

Premiere with Metropolis in August 2022

This site-specific public performance closely follows the lives and metamorphoses of various living beings into a variety of different shapes and sizes inspired by the surrounding flora and fauna, immersing the audience intimately into the ecosystem of the site itself. Brought to life in the midst of the natural environment of the reserve, the performance connects to the past, present and future of Amager Fælled and Karlstrup Kalkgrav.

With this piece, the audience is invited to journey along with the performers and intimately experience and observe their surroundings, the different colours, smells, sounds and organisms around. Our intention is for our audiences to rediscover a possibly familiar place, to interact with it differently, and rethink their relationship to the whole ecosystem itself. While we will perform on site, the focus is not only on the human performers but also on the environment.

Conceptualised by Beyond Darkness

Performed by Nadja Mattioli & Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen

Songs and Music by Liva  Møller Overgaard and Susana Nunes

Costume Design by Cecilie Schou Grønbeck

Photos by Malik Grosos & Nadja Mattioli

Consulted by Anna Stamp & Tora Barslev

Supported by Metropolis

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