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ENTANGLED invites you into a the microscopic and hidden worlds of fungi, their role as decomposers, life-givers, as well as their inherent interconnectedness with our lives.

ENTANGLED is a multisensory and multi-organismic experience inspired by the hidden world of fungi, their distinct communication system and their inherent connectedness to our lives. Interwoven are organic textures, life cycles, and interactions between scent, movement, and memories.

With ENTANGLED, you are taken on a journey of curiosity and invited to take notice of the unseen and unfamiliar. Your experience will be initiated and guided by a variety of living organisms and will be intimately connected to various memories.

Inspired by the lives of fungi, we want to relearn how to interact more attentively and caringly with nature, our immediate environment and our often invisible surroundings, through a recognition and appreciation of our inherent multispecies interconnectedness.

ENTANGLED was created in 2022 and had its premiere in its site-specific version in October 2022 at Platform Bunker in Copenhagen. ENTANGLED is a piece and ecosystem in transformation and will premiere in its extended version at Skuespilhuset in January 2023 as part of the K:Selekt programme. More about the current version and tickets can be found here


Read more about ENTANGLED at Skuespilhuset presented by Anne Liisberg here

Read more about ENTANGLED at Platform Bunker through the eyes of Karin Hald here

Performance: Cecilie Schyth Kjær, Anna Stamp

Nadja Mattioli, Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen
Sound Art: Eliza Bozek
Scenography: Mai Katsume, Josefine Thornberg-Thorsøe
Mycelium Design: Anders Toft Pedersen
Choreography: Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen

in collaboration with the performers
Text & Dramaturgy: Nadja Mattioli
Mycology Support: Jens Henrik Petersen

Digital Art: Eliza Bozek

Trailer: Morten Arnfred

Photography:  Morten Arnfred &  Andreas Holmby

Production & Communication: Emma Arnoldi
Administration: Astrid Gravsholt

Special Thanks: Gogo Alexopoulou, Agata Terpinska,

HAUT, Aaben Dans, Udviklingsplatformen, Folketeateret

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune,

Frederiksberg Kommune, William Demant Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Kulturnatten

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