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Emma Arnoldi

producer & communication

Emma is a stage art producer and cultural project manager with extensive experience working internationally within the performing arts. Emma believes in a collectivist approach to creation, and has led and produced festivals and award winning performances in Denmark, Mexico and Spain.

She regularly works as producer for the multidisciplinary arts and performance organisation Warehouse9 which supports LGBTQIA+ artists and arts workers. She is also the cofounder of the performative platform Project V which creates events with and for female and non-binary artists. Emma joined Beyond Darkness as producer in 2022 and manages the duo’s communication and social media.


Eliza Bozek [moltamole]

sound & visual artist

Eliza is a sound artist with a background in electronic music and performing arts. She predominantly works with oriented sound design, composition, installation, dance, theatre and digital art. For her, sound poses a medium via which she explores and absorbs external environments, as well as sonifies inner, emotional landscapes. The intimacy of her sonic meandering is often imbued with field recordings, voice, noise, ASMR and poetry.

Eliza holds both a BA in Electronic Music Production & Performance from Catalyst Institute of Creative Arts and Technology and in Sound Art from The Danish National School of Performing Arts. She often works with the method of weaving and believes that sound and listening are activism and can pose a primary tool for empathising with other humans and non-humans.

Cecilie Schyth Kjær

contemporary dance artist

Cecilie is a contemporary dance artist exploring the body as a vessel with which to create a wide range of images, illusions and expressions. She has collaborated and performed with choreographers and creators such as Antoinette Helbing, Taneli Törmä, Emilie Klitgaard Jungersen, Marie Keiser-Nielsen, Ian Yves Ancheta, Det Fynske Dansekompagni.

In 2019 Cecilie finished her BA in Contemporary Dance and Choreography from Artez University of the Arts in The Netherlands and did an internship in Barcelona, where she worked as a choreographic assistant on the piece TRAMA by Roser Lopéz Espinosa. With Marcus Alexander Roydes, she recently cofounded the dance duo PATCHWORKS based in Copenhagen, Denmark and continuously works with Beyond Darkness on their research and performances.

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Anna Stamp.jpg

Anna Stamp

dance artist

Anna is a dance artist with an honest and curious approach to the body, often challenging her own practice through collaborations. She has worked with a variety of choreographers such as Ben Wright, Jason Mabana, Tina Tarpgård, Marie Brolin-Tani, Sita Ostheimer and Kristján Ingimarsson. As a dance artist Anna has created commissioned dance pieces for the Finish Oulu Youth-Company as well as her own works Ekphrasis and Material Relations.

After graduating in 2014 from Dance Works in Berlin, Anna joined the London based Shechter II Company and continued her dance journey as a part of Holstebro Dance Company in Denmark from 2017-2020. Today Anna is a mother, a freelance artist, studies Theater and Performing Arts at the University of Copenhagen and collaborates regularly with Beyond Darkness.

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